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Standing Committees

Constitution and Bylaws - Hazel Edwards

Budget and Finance - Cecelia Smith

Standards - Cheryl Powell
Scholarship - Cheryl Lawton

Technology -   Cherie Powell

Membership - Andrea Wilkins

Music - Dollicia Boone

Education Advancement Foundation (EAF) - Daedre Dabney

Awards - Tramaine Walton

Connection and Social Action - Valerie Boykin

Risk Management - Jasmine Fields

Sisterly Relations -  Melanie Reid

Protocol - Barbara Warren Jones
Audit - Avis Blow

Nominating Committee - Hazel Edwards & Maryland Roberts

Fundraising - Sybil Lane Moorer


Elected Officers

President - Andrea L. Riddick

1st Vice President (Programs) - Elke Boone
2nd Vice President (Standards) - Cheryl Powell

Recording Secretary - Chanel King

Assistant Recording Secretary - Dollicia Boone

Corresponding Secretary- Rosliand Holland

Assistant Corresponding Secretary - Tracie Knight

Treasurer- Cecelia Smith

Assistant Treasurer -Arthalia Kahan

Financial Secretary-Jannine Eley

Assistant Financial Secretary - Gloria Coates

Sergeant At Arms - Jennifer Ledbetter
Assistant Sergeant At Arms - Staci Boone

Hostess (Courtesy)- Laverne Brockington

Assistant Hostess- Barbara Warren Jones

Chaplin - Melanie Reid

Co-Chaplin - Peggy Boone
Public Relations - Britta Whitehead

Assistant Public Relations - Janice Richison

Archivist - Cherlyn Covington
Historian - Mary Brown

Parliamentarian -Donna Lewter

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